Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Devil's Lies

Honoring the release of IDW / Yoe Books latest Chilling Archive collection, Tom Sutton's Creepy Things, we'll be taking a look at some Sutton for the next few posts-- more specifically, this epic two-part tale of satanic evil from the March 1975 issue of The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves #50published by Charlton Comics. Sutton unleashes all the fury of Hell in this one, some really spectacular art absolutely bursting with towering, demonic power-- and wait until you see Part Two! Better say your prayers...

to be continued...

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Strange Circus of Dr. Namirha

Here's the last of the bat shit crazy tales from the August 1952 issue of Forbidden Worlds #8 --and yikes, what an issue! Also, check the last 3 story posts, as well as King Ward's awesome "The Eyes of Death" in the 2008 archive too. Okay, so today's carnival of creeps was originally intended for a larger project I'm currently working on (details coming soon), but it didn't quite make the final cut, mostly because of the unfortunately sloppy coloring / print job. Anyway, it's still certainly a fun entry in the circus "freaks" scream of things, though I sure would love to have seen more of the Seal Girl at the bottom of page 2! Roughly squeaking, if you're like me, and a fan of 40's Warner Brothers cartoons, then you might just leave this one with the memorable "You're a gazelle..." line stuck in your horny little head. PLUS! An Oliver Cromwell bonus for you history buffs.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tom Sutton's Creepy Things (IDW / YOE BOOKS)

IN STORES THIS WEEK: Get ready for a mind-bending walk on the weird side with the very best of Tom Sutton's 1970s horror tales for Charlton Comics! Sutton was at his most expressionistic and experimental with the scores of stories he drew for Charlton's "ghost" line, whose titles said it all: Creepy Things, Ghostly Tales, The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves, and more. Showcased in Tom Sutton's Creepy Things are a full frightful sixteen of Sutton's spooky stories. Unpublished art and more than a dozen of his creepy-crawly covers and many comic pages are faithfully reproduced from rare original artwork! Edited by Michael Ambrose, editor of the insightful Charlton Spotlight magazine, who provides a fascinating behind-the-scenes introduction profusely illustrated with rare art and photos. Dementedly designed by Donnie "Lum and Abner" Pitchford

Click HERE for more info and to order your copy NOW!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Zombie's Doom

Here's another one from the August 1952 issue of Forbidden Worlds #8, (see our last post too), art this time by Harry Lazarus who we have featured here at THOIA many many times over the years. And yeah, if anyone is curious, it was indeed a zombie that took a giant bite out of my cover,--thus forever sealing this issue's DOOM! More from this crazy issue in our next post too!

Friday, January 16, 2015

The Fangs of the Fiend

Here's a weirdly illustrated ACG tale from the August 1952 issue of Forbidden Worlds #8. I say "weirdly" because sometimes Art's art here is awesome, and sometimes it's unusually less than so... but it's at least always fun and generates an interesting atmosphere of shadows and swirling mists and leering faces everywhere on the walls and vases. I guess I'm just all "WTF Panel 4, Page 2??!!"

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Triple Threat!

THOIA returns with another installment of "Werewolf Wednesday" and today we have something a bit (or is that bite?) different for you this time around! Our frightening friend and long time commenter chum, Trevor "Morbid" Markwart has concocted a hairy lycanthropy tale all on his own, written and drawn (and starring Aleister Crowley no less!), loaded to its furry gills with thrills, chills, and plenty of bloody spills! Give Trevor some feedback, fiends-- let him know what you think!

And check out Trevor's website HERE for more info on all things "Morbid!"