Friday, March 17, 2017

The Other Side of the Macabre Mirror

A fellow horror fiend sent over some small, but still certainly scary scans to a very cool Lou Cameron (penciled) story from the May 1952 issue of The Beyond #11-- an issue from this series that has always eluded me! There are definitely not enough evil mirror stories archived here at THOIA!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Ohhhh, Brother!

Here's a rare example of a Farrell story highlighted by artwork apparently NOT created by the Iger Shop. Man, I could've swore I already posted this story here at THOIA over the years, (pretty sure the rest of the issue is), but a quick search through the dusty archives proves I haven't --though it is featured in our Complete Voodoo Volume 2 collection (IDW / Yoe Books) which is available HERE! From the Sept '53 issue of Voodoo #11... and thanks to E. for the request!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Horror of the Witch's Brush

Another tale from the Dec '51 - Jan 1952 issue of Dark Mysteries #4 ...if the evil eye glasses of our last post wasn't ridiculous enough for ya, get ready for a witch brush. Annnnnnd with this post I've included the super cover as well as a related ad at the end. Hmmm, for some reason this is one of three issues from this series that hasn't been indexed over at GCD. Well heads up to whoever does that sort of thing over there-- this full issue is now posted here at THOIA in its entirety-- see also "Horror in the Glass", "The Creatures of the Mist", and "The Dead Rise" in the archive.

Speaking of wanton witchery...

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Horror in the Glass

Eye doctor Rick writes in: "I recently received a copy of your terrific Devil Tales collection and love it. For obvious reasons I thoroughly enjoyed the Satan's Spectacles story on page 119 and was curious to know if there are more stories like this about evil glasses." Needless to say, after looking into this somewhat blurry inquiry, Mr. Karswell managed to shed some light on the December '51 - January 1952 issue of Dark Mysteries #4, thus bringing into focus a truly hazy crazy old gem that is indeed, just what the optometrist ordered! (Special guest appearance by Hank Hill, various panels.)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Doom Deferred

One more strange Iger Shop yarn for you this month and then we'll get back to mixin' things up around here. This is a questionably fantastic tale from the April - May 1954 issue of Strange Fantasy #11... and yes friends, I've come to realize that I can postpone this cursed post no longer!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Monster in the Building

All settings on WEIRD OVERLOAD as we delve into the final tale from the oddball October-November 1954 issue of Strange Fantasy #14  ...and wow, check out the GCD entry on this one, between the Eerie Pub remakes, and L. Miller Gredown reprints, Monster in the Building was revived 10 freakin' times over the years --Farrell even dragged it out again themselves and updated it for Strange Journey #2 in post code '57! Did this tale really deserve this much continued attention? Haha, Hell yes! And woo-hoo! It's another full issue presentation here at THOIA! Hope you enjoyed it!