Monday, October 20, 2014

The Tree of Vengeance

Ross Andru and Mike Esposito give us a great cover, as well as (among other tales), a 5-page chiller about a cursed tree-- in the debut issue of Mister Mystery #1, from September 1951.

Friday, October 17, 2014

What's in a Name?

Mister Mystery was a wildly uneven comic series featuring both excellent examples of top notch pre code stories, as well as hilariously clunky, barrel bottom gems like today's tale concerning a hapless fool trying to pull a fast one, (fast = 5 years?!) Charles Stern's art here is about as stiff 'n flimsy as the script, though there is a minor moment where he's suddenly channeling (aka swiping) either Jack Davis or Howard Nostrand with a teensy bit of suckcess, see the panel at the bottom of page 3 (mad head) for an example-- har! Also, those of you out there who are model airplane enthusiasts might find that yes, life really does imitate art!

From the January 1953 issue of Mister Mystery #9.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

To Kill a Werewolf!

It's another haphazard Werewolf Wednesday, yes, I know it's been awhile --and man when was the last time I posted a Bill Everett story?! This mean spirited lycan tale originally appeared in the Jan '54 issue of Menace #9, in color, and titled "The Fangs of the Wolf", and now here retitled years later, color sucked out, and reprinted in the August '73 issue of Vampire Tales #1. Yipe!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Revenge of the Unliving!

If you thought in our last post that Frank Robbins drew sexy vampires, wait'll you see how Jordi Bernet delivers them unto us in this one! I had a few people write in applauding the black and white 70's mag posts, so I thought we'd do a few more before getting back into the golden color moldies. Bernet is one of my all time favorite illustrators, anyone unfamiliar with his Torpedo series should take some notes to check it out ASAP.

From the August 1973 debut issue of Vampire Tales #1, with a script by Gardner Fox.

Mr. Karswell by Trevor

You guys have heard Trevor in the comments here many, many times, and here he is again, but this time showing us all his awesome artistic "Morbid" chops with a superbly creepy rendition of me--er, I mean, Mr. Karswell! Show us your pre-code inspired fan art, anything related to this blog is welcome!

Thanks again to Trevor! :)

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Lady Who Collected Dracula

Vance wrote in reminding me to post more Frank Robbins, so I dug around the crypt a little and unearthed this awesome bloodsucker classic written by Doug Moench --plus an art assist from Frank Springer. Robbins really amps up the sexy and sinister in this one, --so hang onto your fangs and BATten down the hatches!

From the November 1974 issue of Dracula Lives! #9.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

HAUNTED HORROR #13 - City of Fearful Night

Big 'n lucky HAUNTED HORROR #13 is in stores today, and here's a FULL story preview (what's with some review sites only posting the first 6 pages??) of Bernard Baily's epically eerie lead-off tale as originally presented in the Jan. '52 issue of Worlds of Fear #2 (also featured here at THOIA way back in Dec 2007.) This is sort of an encore presentation for you longtime followers, so hey, tell us what you think about HH so far, --we've crawled along for 13 issues now and we'd love to hear your opinions. Anyone writing in with thoughts on HH will have their name entered into a drawing to win a copy of the Haunted Horror Vol 2 hardcover collection coming in November!